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At The Advisory Group, LLC our firm was founded by Jim Retter with the goal of providing a safety net under people’s life savings, tax-forward planning, and provide income they can’t outlive. We serve the individuals, couples, families and business owners in the greater St. Louis and Metro-East areas.

As an independent firm, we are committed to providing our clients the highest level of personalized service and individual attention. Not all financial journeys and retirement goals are the same, which means each client deserves a customized strategy. Without any conflicts of interest, we only recommend strategies or investments we believe align with each client’s unique needs and risk tolerance. With a network of professionals, we can help clients retain consultations with and assistance from attorneys and CPAs. Our goal is to simplify the process and help clients organize their financial life.

We’ve noticed that many firms and advisors focus on helping clients grow their wealth, instead of preserving and protecting it. This means that when the markets go down, their investments may struggle. Our focus is on mitigating risk and protecting assets, especially since this is one of the biggest concerns our clients face. As they think ahead to their retirement, whether that is two or ten years away, they want to make sure that they won’t outlive their assets.

From creating a tax-free income in retirement to diversified portfolios, we seek to help you feel confident and secure in your financial future. Not only do we assist clients as they prepare for and transition into retirement, but we also provide ongoing support as they live in retirement, including helping them adjust their strategies as personal or economic changes dictate. We also host client appreciation events throughout the year and are available in person and on the phone whenever a client has a question.

We believe that the financial journey through life never ends. There will always be a decision that needs to be made or a financial goal yet to be met. Let The Advisory Group, LLC serve as a guide for your personal financial journey.